Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tri-ang Lineside Buildings

This selection of old Tri-ang Lineside buildings all date from the 1960s.
They are, from left to right, back row:
R76: Single Track Engine Shed
R61: Signal Box (one of two)
R75: Water Tower
And, from left to right, front row:
R62: Waiting Room
R60: Ticket Office
R66K: Porters' Room with Kiosk
The removable chimneys often went missing from those buildings in this range that began life with them and, as can be seen in this photograph, this is indeed the case with the Waiting Room, Porters' Room and one of the Signal Boxes. However, it is nice to see the Ticket Office still has both of its canopies since these, too, were prone to being lost or damaged.

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