Sunday, May 10, 2015

Station Refurbishment

We have been spending some time making much-needed improvements to Coneyvale Halt, one of the smaller stations on the layout.
As with some of the other stations, we began with some straight sections of Horny platform plus a couple of platform ramps. Over this we laid some 1/32" cork and painted this grey. We then applied some platform edging and acquired some old Airfix Platform Fencing, which really does look the part, I must admit. 
The buildings are from the Hornby Skaledale range and are pretty basic for a simple halt. On each platform there is a Small Wooden Shelter (R8718) while on Platform 1 there is also the Wooden Platform Signal Box (R8721). This controls access to the small coal yard just seen in the top right of the first photograph. 
Indeed it is the workers at this yard who, probably, provide most of the passengers who use this little station although both platforms do seem to be well populated with people waiting for trains in the photos above. 
There is no footbridge at this station so the only way to go from one platform to the other is via the barrow crossing seen in the lower photograph.
Lights will, however, be provided in the near future since, being stuck out in the middle of nowhere, Coneyvale Halt can be a dark and lonely place on cold, winter nights!