Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tri-ang Gold Plated Train Set T.43

I found this very unusual train being sold at a local antiques shop recently and, although I had neither seen nor heard of it before, I realized at once that it was probably a rarity.
It is a TT scale model (i.e.: 3 mm : 1 foot) and it was produced by Tri-ang in 1961 for the Kays Mail Order Catalogue.
It features SR Merchant Navy Class NÂș 35028  'Clan Line' together with three coaches all of which have been finished in vacuum-plated gold
I believe that only 300 oft these sets were made and, to be honest, I cannot imagine that they would have proved to be all that popular at the time. However, because of this, and its resulting rarity, this set has now become highly collectible.
Originally it would have come in a box, together with an oval of track ... please see the picture below:
Sadly, though, the set that I acquired was unboxed and had no accompanying track. 
So, as I have no TT scale track myself, I am unable to run the train but I have applied power to the locomotive's wheels and they do seem to turn okay. Therefore, all it probably needs is a good clean and, maybe, some lubrication and then it should run very well.
The train is by no means in mint condition but it is still an eye-catching model. 


  1. Great find; the holy grail for those of us who collect Tri-ang TT.

  2. What value for the above with all and box intact?

  3. I have just acquired one of these. Train and carriages in very good condition. Box not in good condition and no lid. What is the value and where is best to sell.