Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Staying In The Background

We added a couple of trial background pictures to the layout at the weekend - the first was behind the viaduct while the second was behind Gunnmere station.
In the first photograph, hikers and campers are enjoying the view and watching passing trains as a Class 45 rumbles over the viaduct with a coal train.
In the second photograph, DP2 storms across with a passenger train for the south.
In the third picture, we have a busy scene at Gunnmere with the coal trucks seen earlier, now in one of the sidings, while 50007 Sir Edward Elgar enters Platform 3 with an express for Sueston.
Meanwhile, standing at Platform 1, is a Class 121 waiting to depart for the branch to High Bridge and at Platform 2 is a Class 25 at the head of a rake of lowmacs.

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