Sunday, May 7, 2017

Swanage Diesel Gala 2017

Here are some photos taken on Friday 5th May at this year's
Swanage Diesel Gala. The event was entitled:  

"Dawn of the Diesels"
D6515 enters Norden Station with the 08:55 from Corfe Castle. On the right is 45041 'Royal Tank Regiment' and she will take the train (and us) to Swanage at 09:15.
 Meanwhile green liveried Class 47 (1842) and Class 56 (56096) await their next turns of duty.
The Peak stands at at the buffer stops at Swanage, having just arrived with that 09:15 train from Norden.
The Class 47 now takes its turn at the same buffer stops, having just arrived with the 10:00 train from Norden.
Looking very clean and smart in their matching green livery, a brace of Class 20s (D8188 and D8059) wait to depart Swanage with the 10:45 to Norden.
One of the three sets of coaches in use on the day included the Pullman Observation Car No 14. This Observation Car was used on Devon Belle trains in the South West of England as well as on trains in Scotland during the 1960’s. It was also hauled by Flying Scotsman in the USA in the early 1970’s and, in 2007, it was brought back from America to the UK where it has since been restored to working order.
Now for two photographs taken of 50026 Indomitable from the aforementioned Observation Car. This first one was at Corfe Castle with the Hoover setting off for Norden with the 11:16 train from Swanage, while our train was the 11:30 from Norden.
The second photograph was taken at Harmans Cross with Indomitable hauling the 12:15 from Norden while 1872 is at the head of the 12:15 from Swanage.
1842 once again and here she is seen hauling the 13:45 from Norden having just crossed the viaduct that carries the railway over the B3351.
Class 26 (D5343) arrives at Norden with the 13:45 from Swanage, while sister BRCW locomotive 33111 waits, with 56096 (hidden), to couple up at the other end of the train to form the 14:30 back to Swanage.
From the train, 50026 is seen once more, this time waiting her next turn of duty, which would actually be the 16:20 to Swanage.
Class 73 (73961) stands at the buffer stop at Swanage having previously brought in (with sister loco 73119) the 16:00 from Norden.
 56096 and D5343 back on to their train at Norden to form the 18:15 to Swanage.
 The train is almost ready to depart ....
... and, when it does so, we see that the two Class 73's are coupled to the rear. Yes, I think that over 5,500 bhp should be sufficient for this five coach train, don't you!

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