Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Good Goods Shed

Here we see two trains crossing at High Bridge, on the branch line from Gunnmere Junction to Anch Wood.
A Class 25 waits to depart for Gunnmere, having brought in a train from Anch Wood, while a Class 31 has just arrived from Gunnmere and is ready to continue its journey to the end of the line.
Below these two trains can be seen the main line between Gunnmere Junction and Davemoor.
We now switch our attention to Gunnmere Junction itself where we see, in the photos above, quite a bit of activity centred around the goods shed. 
This is a model of the Shillingstone Goods Shed by Bachmann Branchline, Catalogue NÂș 44-170, and it is a particularly fine building with some great detail. 
It is ideal for this station since it, almost, matches the look of the rest of the buildings here - these being a mix of Hornby and Bachmann.
In the four scenes above we see a rake of wagons being shunted into the shed by a Class 03 while a Class 15 stands in one of the adjacent sidings. 
Meanwhile the Class 25, previously seen at High Bridge, is now standing at Platform 4, having just arrived with its train.

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