Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cow Catcher

Here we see our Class 22 (D6319) standing at Sueston station with a short rake of cattle wagons. This rake will grow as the baby warship journeys around the layout towards Davemoor, collecting more and more wagons as she goes.
 Her first port of call is Petersfield where ...
 ... she picks up some wagons standing at Platform 1.
Thence to Gunnmere Junction where she has to collect more wagons from the sidings.
Here we see the train crossing over to the up slow line in order to gain access to those sidings ...
... before reversing on to the wagons ...
... that a Class 15 had previously brought out from the cattle dock.
The Class 22, with her ever-lengthening train, is now ready to depart with the aforementioned cattle dock in the foreground.
And here we see the train crossing over to the down slow line as she proceeds to Carswater, her penultimate destination.
Now at Carswater, we see her reversing her train into the small siding to collect the final batch of wagons ...
... before eventually arriving at her final destination, Davemoor, where she pulls into Platfrom 4.
Finally, we see the little loco at the buffer stops at Davemoor, her journey complete!

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