Thursday, March 4, 2010

Corrie Scottie in Maroon

With work on the layout still in abeyance (we hope to do a bit tomorrow) I thought I would post this photograph of the Hornby Coronation Scot Train Pack. 
It is shown beside the three (plus one) additional coaches that Hornby produced at the time - but only as individual items and not in a pack as they tend to do now.
The Train Pack (R2199M) consists of: 
LMS 4-6-2 Locomotive Coronation Class "Coronation"
Two LMS Coronation Scot Composite Coaches (3934 and 3935)
One LMS Coronation Scot Brake Coach (5447)
The extra coaches are:
Two LMS Coronation Scot Composite Coaches (3936 and 3937)
Two LMS Coronation Scot Brake Coaches (5448)
This train pack (one of 1500 produced) is a representation of how The Coronation Scot might have appeared at the 1939 New York World's Fair if the LMS had used specially liveried standard coach stock.
Apparently, later this year, Hornby are going to issue another Coronation Scot Limited Edition Train Pack together with a Limited Edition Print of Barry J Freeman's "Days of Red and Gold". That has got to be one to look out for!

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