Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's Brewing!

At long last here is an update to the work recently carried out on the layout. Actually, not much was done for a couple of weeks but this weekend we, more or less, finished 'planting' vegetation on the Tipper spur and have now ballasted this line. There is still some work to be done on the rock face at the back but this section is now almost complete. I hope to produce a video of it in operation in the next two or three weeks.
Meanwhile, work has started on the brewery and this is taking shape quite nicely - as can be seen from the photographs. The brewery buildings are, as you can probably tell, the excellent Oakhill Brewery by Bachmann but we will most likely be renaming it to suit our layout. We thought it a good idea for the brewery to have its own siding since, naturally enough, all the beer produced here will be sent by rail!! However, we have yet to decide on which loco will operate this but, I dare say, it will be either a Class 08 or a Class 14. 
The buildings have not been stuck down yet as there is more work to be done to the base but this will be its final position.

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