Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In The Morning Comes Electra!

With no updates to report on the progress of the layout this week, I thought I would feature a recent acquisition to the collection in the shape of Tri-ang's Class 77 (EM2) "Electra" Nº 27000 in BR Green. 
She was produced in this livery between 1960 and 1965 and was also available in BR Blue as well as BR Electric Blue for a short time.
When I bought her the BR logos were partially missing, as was one of the Electra names, so I purchased some BR logos and metal Electra nameplates from Fox Transfers and replaced them at the weekend.
The only other problem is that one of the pantographs refuses to  stay down therefore I have ordered a replacement so that I can fix this. 
I have been unable to test the pantographs to see if they work but, powered from the track, the loco runs extremely well although she is unlikely ever to see action on our layout.

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