Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Brush With Keytes

We present the latest addition to our locomotive fleet: a weathered Hornby Class 31, Brush Type 2, Nº 31268. 
We acquired this particular locomotive from Keytes Model Railway Supplies in Essex and she came with a Loksound V3.5 16 bit DCC Sound decoder already fitted. This had Keytes own sound functions installed and, from what I had heard of her on YouTube, she sounded very good. However, when she arrived we were very disappointed both in the quality of the sound and in the amount of functions available. 
This is the first loco that we have had with Keytes sounds installed and, if this is representative of what they can do, I am not very impressed. Compared to Howes, SWD and Olivias it was very disappointing. 
Therefore it was sent, almost immediately, to Howes of Oxfordshire (who produce probably our favourite  sounds) to have it reblown and the difference is amazing. I love the sound and hope to include a video of her in action on YouTube before too long. 
Yes, I can see that this loco will most definitely be put to good use in the future hauling many a freight and local passenger train.

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