Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green, Green Grass of Home.

This is just a brief update on the progress we have made to the town and, as you can see from the photograph, we have now grassed over the hill and this is starting to look very good. 
We have also, after several attempts, created the base for the road leading down from the road over-bridge and into the town and plan to surface this next time.
You will also see that there is another road leading up to the fire station but, fortunately, what you cannot see is the fact that said road has more dips, bumps and craters than the planet Mars so this will definitely have to be reworked as a matter of urgency. We really need to finish this before we can continue fencing and gating the brewery.
To the right can be seen the (very) rough groundwork for the bus station, petrol station and, possible, supermarket. This will doubtless be the next area that receives our attention once we have finished landscaping the fire station and brewery.

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