Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fence Post!

Having been busy both at work and at home during this past week or two it has been a while since I posted an entry on my blog and, for that, I do apologize. To be honest, though, there has not been too much to report as far as progress on the layout is concerned. However, this last weekend saw us get down to some serious work as we erected the fencing around the brewery and, also, 'tarmacked' the roads up to the bridge and fire station.

In tandem with this work we grassed over the hills between the roads and worked on the concrete area of the brewery, which is a little patchy in places. In coming weeks we expect to be planting a variety of trees and shrubs on the grassy bits and getting the brewery ready to start exporting its beer to every part of the layout!

None of the buildings has been fixed in place and, before they are, we want to make them all ready to accept lighting at some point in the future. No part of the layout has been lit as yet but it is definitely something we want to do, daunting task though it is.

Now, I do realize that I had promised to look at another of the more common model railway gauges and I will definitely do this in one of my next postings.

We also recently added another loco to our ever-growing fleet and I will talk about that in a later blog too - as well as feature it in forthcoming videos so that you can hear how she sounds.

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