Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Edging Along

The town area is coming along nicely now after we spent another full day working on the railway this weekend.
We began by installing the switches for the two extra signals at Sueston although, as yet, only one of these has been installed. The switch for the fourth and final signal at this location has been wired and put in place so that, when the signal is installed, the wires will be already there in readiness.
After we had completed the installation of the switches, and tested them, we returned to the town and edged around two of the paved areas on which stand most of the shops.
This proved somewhat fiddly, not helped by the fact that these areas are in the middle of the layout and, as such, involved us leaning over to reach them. As a result, not only did it mean working at a stretch, which is not good when the job itself is a tad detailed, but, also, some of the scenery along the edge of the board had to be subsequently repaired when we had finished, thanks to it being leaned on by stomachs that are, probably, a little larger than they should be!
The edge of the paved area under the front of the shops opposite the clock is a bit higher than it is elsewhere so we decided that some steps were necessary here for those shoppers crossing the road. We are thinking of adding a zebra crossing here and would like to add working belisha beacons but don't know if such things are available in OO scale.

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