Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peak Oil

Following on from my previous post, we now see the Class 45, previously seen waiting at Platform 1, coupled up to the 100 Ton Oil Tank Wagon in the Fuel Terminal.
Normally, of course, this duty would be performed by one of the shunters or by a Class 24 or 25 but, clearly, all of these locos were otherwise engaged and the Peak just happened to be on hand.
Besides, using a Class 45 also provided me with the opportunity to use a neat title for this posting.
The Fuel Terminal, Pump and Storage Tank are all by Hornby while the Security Fencing is by Bachmann - something that followers of this Blog may recall proved very fiddly to erect!
Ideally this should have been a through terminal but lack of space meant that this was not possible. However, at least it does provide a useful feature at this corner of the layout with yet another location to send our trains as well as a further opportunity to perform shunting manoeuvres.

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