Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Stoned

After taking a break from working on the layout the previous weekend - of which more later - we decided to spend much of last Saturday getting back down to it again.
We began by painting the road system within the town and, also, paving the areas beneath the shops and the town clock.
We then installed a third Traintronics two-aspect, colour light signal at Sueston, to control Platform 1.
Most of the wiring for this signal was also connected, however,  we were unable to get the light working because someone (namely me) forgot to to buy some more single pole double throw switches! Anyway, I duly ordered these from Maplin on Sunday so they should be here well before next weekend's session down the Shed.
That just leaves one more signal needed for Sueston in order to control Platform 4.
Actually, it proved to be quite a productive session and, at the end of it, we could see that a fair amount of progress had been made. We even had time to run a few trains before heading off for a celebratory drink or two!
As to why there was no work done the previous weekend, this was because we went to Taunton to take some more locos to be weathered by Alex. These were 'Lion', 'St Paddy' and 'D1746', our Green Class 47. As soon as they are back I will post photographs of them on the blog and, hopefully, include them in the next video.
Whilst at Mikron we also bought six of the Hornby Yeoman PGA Hopper wagons - a set of three weathered and three individual ones that were pristine. These have already been featured in our latest video, flashing through Gunnmere behind the Class 20, however, I will talk more about these in the next posting.

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