Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Bachmann To Work

Well, after what has been almost two months without any activity on the blog, due to Christmas and other work and home commitments, it is high time that we got back to work on both the blog and the layout.
This, then, is an update on the latest state of the diesel depot which we have been working on these past two weekends.
Most of the buildings and structures that can be seen in the depot have now been stuck into place and scatter and ballast applied to the ground. A predominantly brown and black colour scheme has been adopted to replicate the mud, coal, dirt and oil that would be found on the ground in such a location and there is still more work to be done in this area but we feel that it is coming along nicely.
All of the items we have used here are by Bachmann with several more things still to be added.
In the bottom picture, from left to right, can be seen the following:
Modern Washing Plant (44-095) for keeping all of our locomotives nice and clean!
Depot Crane (44-072) for replacing old and worn out wheels on our wagons.
Fuel Storage Tanks (44-016) for storing the fuel used by our fleet of locos.
Diesel Fuelling Point (44-040) for filling the locos with the fuel stored in the aforementioned tanks.
Modern Servicing Depot (44-016) where the locos are serviced to keep them performing at the best.
Riveted Water Tank (44-037) a throwback to steam days but still in occasional use today.
The following list of items are those that are still to be added:
Depot Water Tower (44-097), this item is not yet available but is due any time now.
Carriage Shed Walkways (44-112)
Office Block (44-039)
There will also be a Bicycle Rack (44-035), some Lifting Jacks (44-042), Oil Drums (44-519) and Caged Gas Bottles (44-537), dotted around the site, to make it look busy, along with some people of course.

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