Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going Green

A superb composition in two shades of green. This line-up
at Bristol on April 10, 1965, includes diesel-hydraulic 0-6-0
D9526 (later Class 14), "Peak" D40, two Brush Type 4s, with
D1612 in the foreground and, in the distance, "Peak" D24
and a diesel-hydraulic "Hymek" B-B.
Time for another picture taken from the pages of "Rail Enthusiast" and this is a great photo of various diesels in two shades of green, taken at Bristol in 1965.
Unfortunately the photographer is unnamed but the caption, above, is as it appeared in the magazine.
Currently we only have two green locomotives operating on our layout - a Class 08 and a Class 47. We have, after all, loosely set it in the mid 1970s.
However, I daresay that we will be able to find room for at least one more in time since the colour scheme is quite striking.

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