Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Davemoor - No More!

As we are going to scratch build the new station at Davemoor we plan to use the Skaledale platform sections, that formed the old station, at other locations on the layout to create two new stations.
These will be another, small, intermediate station on the main line plus a new terminus station at the end of the extended branch line.
So it was, then, that the old Davemnoor was removed from the layout at the weekend and the platform sections cleaned up in readiness for use elsewhere.
The old Carswater station, which will also be rebuilt at a different location, together with its tunnel and level crossing, were also taken out of service at the weekend. The tunnel is not going to be rebuilt but the level crossing will definitely be used elsewhere.
Following the removal of these features, plus the lifting of the track, all that was left was a forlorn Whistle sign, standing deserted and alone amidst the destruction!

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