Monday, July 2, 2012

Window of Opportunity

Work has now started in earnest on remodelling the northern half of the layout, as is obvious from the photographs above.
The top two pictures show the area in front of the window being slowly dismantled, although much of the track is still in situ. In the new scheme of things, the former goods yard will disappear completely while Davemoor, the northern terminus of the line, will definitely reappear, but in different guise and in a different location.
As you can see in the bottom photograph the old window, the frame of which was made of wood and starting to rot, has now gone and we are waiting for the arrival of a replacement. This, hopefully, should be installed in about two weeks.
We also took the opportunity to raise the sill of the window so that it would allow us to continue the branch line from where it currently finishes, to the left of the window, to a new terminus to the right of the window.
Plans for how the northern section will look have yet to be finalized but, rest assured, we will take this opportunity to undertake some dramatic changes and make, what was, a fairly boring section far more interesting.

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