Friday, July 6, 2012

Wood Work

The Hornby Timber Depot and Timber Yard were recently discontinued from the Hornby catalogue and, in a seemingly similar move on our part, they have also just been removed from our layout.
This is as a result of the modifications that are now taking place in the northern section, in which both the Depot and the Yard were situated.
They do feature in a couple of our videos, so we will always have a record of them, however, we felt that they were more appropriate for an American or Canadia based layout rather than an English one so, unfortunately, they had to go!
I am not sure about the Timber Depot (top picture) but the Timber Yard (second picture) has certainly been around for some time - in the guise of Tri-ang's Side Tipping Car Set (bottom three pictures).
The more recent Timber Yard was hand-operated by pulling a lever on one side of the track which would raise a hook in the hut on the opposite side that would, in turn, tip the carrying frame on the wagon. This would then deposit its load of logs into the collection bin. 
However, the older Side Tipping Car was tipped automatically as it passed the operating ramp. This tilted the carrying frame so that it deposited its load in the bin, as before.
The Catalogue NÂș for the Side Tipping Car Set is R345.

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