Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing But Blue Skies

Well, okay, I will confess that I digitally added those blue skies to this photograph but I did just want to see what the scene might look like with a properly finished background. 
We will, in due course, most probably be adding a line of distant trees and some sky to the top of the rock face behind the Tipper Spur as I think this is a good way to finish off the backdrop. However, as I am sadly no artist, I will need to find a suitable landscape that I can photograph. to create a panorama similar to the one behind the Lake End branch at the other end of the layout. To be honest, I do think that a good photo does look much more realistic than a painted backdrop - especially one that I have painted!
Meanwhile, you can see that we have now added some fencing and bushes to the top of the embankment and this area is starting to look quite realistic now, especially when you get down to track level.


  1. It is incredibly good. This looks like a real place.

  2. Thanks AJ. Actually I keep wondering, if I was OO Scale size, would I like to visit this place. Well, I would certainly like to sit on the fence and watch the trains go by - hahaha!