Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This week we decided that we just couldn't put off doing the road bridge any longer! So we set to and faced it (in more ways than one) with stone card using Metcalfe Stone Wall sheets plus some of the Metcalfe Paving Stones as capping. It was a fiddly and time consuming job but at least it looks more in-keeping than the bare wood and it now matches the road bridge at the other corner of the London Loop. 
You will also notice the addition of a fine looking fire engine standing outside of the fire station. This should, of course, be parked inside the building but it is much too good to be hidden away. It is a model of a Dennis F12 from the Corgi Trackside range of vehicles. 
Apparently 336 of these tenders were built between 1950 and 1959 and were operated by over 90 British brigades plus 6 brigades overseas. It would appear that one of those British brigades is right here at Petersfield where the crew, quite clearly, look after their vehicle very well indeed.

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