Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Saggy Bottom

As there is not much to report by way of progress this week, I thought that it would be a good idea to begin a series of postings in which are featured certain sections of the layout that have neared completion. Now I realize that, on a layout of this size, we will probably never be able to claim that it is finished but, at least in some areas, we can say that most of the landscaping is done. 
Doing this will also afford the reader a closer look at various parts of the layout, something that is just not possible with the wider shots.
So, this week, I am featuring the end of the branch line that begins on Platform 4 at Sueston and which, then, dives down under the London Loop to emerge at the base of the viaduct. Due to it's location this area is somewhat concealed anyway so it does warrant a closer look I think, especially as I believe it is a really interesting part of the layout. 
After emerging from the long tunnel, the single line curves to the right and passes alongside a rock cutting before ending at a small station that, for reasons best known to ourselves, we have named Saggy Bottom Halt. 
For the station we used the Bachmann Market Hampton Halt and Pagoda Shed, both part of the Scenecraft Range and just perfect for what we wanted.
From here, walkers, climbers and campers can enjoy the beautiful countryside around the base of the viaduct. A stream flows under one of the eight arches and is just out of view to the right. To the left of the halt there is a footpath that leads into a deep, dark cave and, thanks to the skills of my nephew's girlfriend, we now have two climbers, making their way up the rock face above the cave.
It is intended that this branch line will be operated by a Hornby Class 121 and, in fact we do have one of these trains already but it is awaiting conversion to DCC. 
I promise to take more photographs of this part of the layout and include them in future postings.


  1. The landscaping and the viaduct look incredble, such a great job!

  2. Coming from you that is high praise indeed AJ. Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. PS I thought the title of the articel referred to me!

  4. Great! I made a typo in that last comment and now I can't edit it!

  5. Well I am too much of a gentleman to agree with you over the aptness of the title AJ but, now you come to mention it ....

    Had to laugh at the typo, I maen, it juts wouldn't be the same without tehm - hahaha!