Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Under The Weather

We recently decided to have some of our pristine locomotives weathered in order to make them look a bit more realistic and the first one to be so treated was the Bachmann Class 37 37254.
This is one of our regular freight locomotives so she really needs to be a bit grimy and oily!  However, as we have never done any weathering ourselves, we chose to get the job done by someone who knew what they were doing so we took it to Mikron Models in Taunton.
Alex, who did the job for us, was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and has done a great job, as you can see from the Before and After photographs below. 
Whilst we were at it, we also decided to change the number to make the loco more unique and that is why, instead of 37254, she is now Nº 37251. 
Although, apparently, the prototype locomotive spent much of her life wearing snowploughs so, in the pursuit of accuracy, we really ought to fit some to the Nº 1 end of our model.


  1. Thanks Amanda. Yes, I was surprised at the difference the weathering made.