Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beast From Montreal

The Tri-ang Transcontinental 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive, TR2335, was based on the large,  powerful Canadian Class G3 mixed traffic locos built by the Montreal Locomotive Works.
The model measures almost 12 inches long and has a working headlight and some even had smoke. It also came in various liveries, based on Australian and Canadian outline railways.
Sadly my model here is a little the worse for wear with much of the white lining missing and a slightly bent tender. However, despite this and in spite of its great age, it is still an excellent runner with great pulling power.
The model was sold individually as well as part of both passenger and freight train sets and was in production from 1955 until 1970 and, from 1962 until 1970, it carried the name 'Hiawatha'.
Throughout this time though it carried the same catalogue numbers: R.54 for the locomotive and R.32 for the eight-wheeled tender.


  1. Yes!

    I can see the appeal announcements in the railway press now ' Help us restore . . . only known survivor still in stem . . .'

    One of those horribly-good-at-stalling 3 pole motors then? Like Bachman still insist are some use.

  2. Damn - you read my mind!

    Yes, those motors are pretty bad, which makes one wonder why they still use them.