Friday, October 15, 2010

Hard at Work!

Last weekend saw us complete the scenery in this corner of the layout and, to celebrate the fact, we actually started to populate the area. As such, policemen (and policewomen of course) can now be found in and around the police station and a permanent way crew has also arrived track-side and are busy installing some AWS boxes by the looks of it.
It is amazing how placing people onto the layout brings it to life and these Bachmann figures are excellent and so life-like. However, they are not permanent fixtures (no pun intended) and, indeed, may well not be fixed in place at all since we will probably move people and cars around the layout to try and vary the scenes a little.
Like the workmen in the photograph we have been quite busy ourselves this week in that we also progressed the coal yard beneath the operating tipper and conveyor and this area should be finished this weekend so I will feature that in a future posting.


  1. It is amazing what a difference the little people make!

    And, oddly, on our Peak District hills, sheep were what were needed!

    But I love creating those little scenarios around the place, like you have there.

  2. Hi Micky,

    Yes, I was truly amazed at the difference a few figures can make, whether it be sheep, in your case, or workmen as we have here.

    You are so right, there is a great deal of fun in creating these little cameos and we are looking forward to doing plenty more.