Monday, October 25, 2010

She's Grrrr8!

This Hornby Class 08 is a recent addition to our fleet of locomotives. We wanted a shunter to work the Brewery Siding and had initially planned to use one of the excellent Bachmann Class 03's. However, these locos are too small to install sound without the addition of a permanently coupled wagon in which to house the speaker. 
So we plumped, instead, for this beautiful Hornby Class 08 and she really is a lovely loco, in fact she is perfect for what we were looking for. Unfortunately, though, we were very unhappy with the Hornby-installed sound so we almost immediately sent her off to Howes to have her reblown with their excellent sound file.
Now she looks and sounds just great!
Looking ahead, we will probably get her weathered in time but, as she is supposed to be owned by the Brewery, she will only be lightly weathered since we just know that the Brewery will be making sure that they look after her.

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