Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Hooked

Well, I think that it is high time for an update on the progress of the layout and, as you can see from the photograph, the area around the bus depot and police station has come on a little since my last posting and this part of the town is nearing completion. Now we are keen to get this bit finished so that we can start work on the other side of town.
The TPO Receiving Bin, Pick-up Hook and associated ramps are all now in place and we just need to reballast the track, which should be done during the next week or so.
As always Pete has done a fantastic job in landscaping the embankments and we hope to complete the section between the embankment and the signal box this coming weekend.
We have put up some of the Bachmann Security Fence (44-505) behind the signal box and may continue with this up to the Pick-up Hook.
There is actually no easy way to erect this fencing though and no clue given with the instructions so we inserted short, thin pieces of wire into the baseboard and stuck the fencing to these and to the board.  If anyone has any other ideas as to how we can hold this fencing in place, please let me know.

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