Monday, July 9, 2012

Window Plain

As you can see from the photos above, we had the new window installed at the weekend, despite the appalling weather, and this was done much more quickly than we thought it would be.
We decided on a plain window since there is no need for any openings. This meant that it was both less expensive and, also,  it gives the impression that the window is a little larger than the old one, despite the fact that it is actually smaller.
As you can also see, work is now well underway on remodelling the northern section of the layout, with much of the old trackwork carefully being taken up and cleaned so that it can be used again. 
However, many of the points will probably be discarded and new ones purchased where necessary. This because, not knowing any better, we used mostly Hornby points in those far off days whereas we only used Peco now and we also want to use, where possible, medium or express points rather than the standard set track type.


  1. The good thing about having a plain window is it let you see the whole view outside. You have a very beautiful view out there, so it’s really a great idea that you installed a plain window. I also have a plain window in our balcony; it’s a wide window that let me see the lovely flowers in my garden.

    **Li Ayers

    1. Thank you for your comment and yes, I quite agree, a plain window is much better, especially if the view outside is a pleasant one.

      I can well imagine that the window on your balcony affords a terrific view of your garden and flowers - nice!