Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lion's Roar!

Due to other commitments, we have not done much work on the layout during the past couple of weeks, although we did do a bit this past weekend; however, more of that in a later posting.
For now I just want to introduce you to the latest addition to our ever-growing fleet of locomotives, namely Heljan's newest prototype diesel Nº: D0260 'Lion'.
She is fitted with a sound decoder which has an Olivias Trains, Class 47 sound file installed. Obviously, with Lion being withdrawn in the early 1960s, no sound recording exists of this striking locomotive. However, since her engine was supplied by Sulzer which, upon Lion's dismantling, was then installed into an unknown Class 47, it seems reasonable enough to assume that she would have sounded something like a Duff.
The model is terrific and captures the essence of the original very well. My only gripes being that the bogies look a little plasticky, when compared to the rest of the loco, and the route indicator panel is slightly recessed whereas, on the original, this was actually flush with the front of the loco.
Well, I won't get too upset over the route indicator panel and, as we will probably get her lightly weathered in time, this should help to improve the look of the bogies.
The locomotive comes supplied with all buffer beam detailing factory-fitted so we will have to trim this at the Nº 2 End to allow a coupling to be fitted.
Clearly, for our purposes, Lion was saved from the cutter's torch in 1963 and survived to be restored to her pristine condition and will, now, run the occasional special.
At the weekend we ran her, light engine, for a while just to run her in so that, next week, should see her hauling her first train and, judging by her weight and excellent running, she should prove to be a sure-footed and consummate performer. 

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