Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washing The Trains

I just thought that I would include a couple of photographs of a little scene that we created at the weekend near Gunnmere Station - as seen in the top two pictures.
In the foreground we can see the edge of a garden and, in a reversal to what is normally expected, it looks as if it is the husband, with his dog by his side, who is having a natter to someone across the garden fence. Is the man he is chatting to a friend or just a passing stranger?
That is something, I guess, we will never know.
The wife, meanwhile, is hanging out her washing as a taxi enters the station car park, ready to meet the next arrival no doubt.
Another man is descending the steps of the bridge and is probably going to catch the same train - one of those two in the bottom photo, perhaps!
Please note that the rock-face in the background of the top picture has been added by me, electronically, because I wanted to see what it would look like.
Currently this is a blue wall and we have long deliberated over how best to hide it. Originally it was going to be a photograph but I do think the rocks look quite effective.

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