Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Service Area

Having finally managed to get hold of the, now discontinued, Bachmann Modern Servicing Depot together with a Diesel Fueling Point, we looked again at how the track layout might look in our Diesel Depot, when we eventually get around to creating it.
This is by no means set in stone and it may well change when we do start work. However, I think this is pretty close to how the track will be since lack of space means that we cannot expand much beyond what we have here.
If you look closely you might, just, be able to make out the chalk scribblings on the base board which mark out where further buildings etc might be situated, once we have acquired them.
So far we have the space for a site office, some carriage walkways, a depot crane, water tower, fuel storage tanks and a washing plant; all of which should add quite a bit of interest to this particular location.
So, now, we cannot wait to get started but, in the meantime, we have to finish the town area and this will be progressed during the next few weeks.
In fact, if you look even more closely, you might just see a part of Pete (our artistic director) landscaping the embankment that we created a couple of weeks ago. 
Of course I could have asked him to move while I took this photograph but I have long-since learned that you should never interrupt an artist when he is engrossed in his work - well, not this artist anyway!

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