Thursday, May 19, 2011

Injury Time

Photo courtesy of the Tri-ang Model Railways website
In 1963 Tri-ang introduced a model of the Royal Army Medical Corp (RAMC) Ambulance Car, which was designed for treating the sick and the injured whilst on the rails.
Actually the model was, in reality, a Second Series Transcontinental Baggage Car that Tri-ang simply repainted and adorned with a few red cross symbols. The cross on the roof of the car was made of paper and this would invariably come unstuck and go missing.
The model continued in production, in much the same guise, until 1971 and it was sold both individually and, also, as part of a couple of train sets, these were:
Rocky Mountain Avalanche Train Set - Catalogue Nº: CTS.4
Snow Rescue Train Set - Catalogue Nº: RS.38
Actually, both of these sets were the same, with the former being for the Canadian market only.
As well as the Ambulance Car, the sets also included an 0-4-0 Dock Shunter, an operating Helicopter Car and a Snow Plough.
I am not sure if this set was based on any form of prototype but I would think that such a train would not have been used too often in the UK, even in Scotland.
The Snow Rescue Train Set was available from 1963 until 1967, although it was not produced in 1966, whilst the Canadian version was available in 1965 only.

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