Friday, May 20, 2011

An Old Banger

A boxed example, in good condition, can command a high price
Photo courtesy of the Tri-ang Railways website
Picture taken from the 1963 Tri-ang Catalogue
As part of Tri-ang's NATO Battlespace range, the Bomb Transporter was first released in 1962 and then continued in production until 1965.
As far as I am aware, it was only ever issued individually and never as part of a train set although there were several other NATO Battlespace wagons produced at this time, including a Tank Transporter, Helicopter Car and Rocket Launcher.
The bomb load was removable and could be charged with caps so that, when hand-launched, it would 'explode' upon hitting the ground or any other hard surface.
Like all of the items in the Battlespace range, this model can fetch quite a high price these days, especially if it is boxed and in a good condition.
The Bomb Transporter's Running Nº was TR7190 and the Catalogue Nº was R.239.

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