Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming On A Storm!

We have done quite a lot of work during the past week or two and, as such, the landscaping around the fire station is almost complete as we continue to work our way, very slowly, through the town. The building is still not fixed in place as we want to install some lights before we do this.
More fencing has been erected around our, yet to be named, National Trust house and hill although parts the kissing gate have still to be painted.
We have also done some work on Petersfield Station in an effort to try and improve the look of the station.
This was done by simply covering the top and fronts of the existing Hornby platforms with  some of the Metcalfe station kit that we had over from constructing Sueston. Sadly, though, we did not have enough to complete the job. 
Having seen the improvement, thus far, though, we are now thinking of doing the same to Gunnmere. It is certainly a great way to hide the joints between the platform sections - as well as the clip at the base of the platform fencing!


  1. All great, really love that top image!

  2. Thanks AJ, I am just hoping those storm clouds don't come to much else it will play havoc with the papier mâché!