Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Old Timer!

No, I am not referring to myself in the title although, admittedly, the epithet is wholly appropriate to both the train and me!
Actually, the train in question is "The Frontiersman" which was introduced by Tri-ang in 1962 as part of its Transcontinental range. This range of locomotives and rolling stock was produced in an effort to appeal to the Australian and, in this case, North American markets. 
The train, which was sold as both a set and individually, was available between 1962 and 1967 by which time Tri-ang had become Tri-ang Hornby and this item was dropped from the catalogue.
The locomotive, which came with smoke and an engine crew, was called Davy Crockett and had the Running Nº: TRR 1863. The loco's Catalogue Nº was R358S and its tender carried logs rather than coal.
You will notice that the two 'Old Time' coaches (Catalogue Nº R468) are slightly different in that one is plain while the other one is lined. Both coaches carry the same running number (Nº 257) and I am not sure if the livery variations were as a result of the passage of time or were based on Australian and Canadian outline railways.
The train in my photographs also includes a caboose (Catalogue Nº R115) which was not part of the original train set but was added by me to lengthen the train.

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