Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Road Works

Well, as you can see, we made quite a bit of progress at the weekend, laying some more road  into town and surfacing the area under the supermarket, petrol station and bus station. For this we used some of the Metcalfe Tarmacadam Sheets (M0056) which, I have to say, do look very effective.
We also did some planting along the embankment between here and the railway line as well as around the brewery so these areas are starting to look almost complete now.
However, all of this work took more time than we had anticipated and we were unable to complete it sufficient for us to do any filming in this area. Hopefully we will be able to do this next weekend.
At the front and to the sides of the supermarket and petrol station will be some of the Hornby Brick Walling (R8977), which I have placed there for effect, with gaps to allow for an entrance and an exit. We bought this walling for use elsewhere on the layout but then decided that it was not really high enough for what we wanted! Anyway, it was always thought that we could use it in the town area somewhere and, actually, I think it will look just right here.
To the rear of all three premises will be some of the Bachmann Security Fence (44-505) and, again I have placed (balanced) a couple of sections to see how it will look. 
Unfortunately, this fencing has no obvious way to secure it into the ground and the only way that we can think to hold it in place is to sink short pieces of thin but stiff wire into the ground and stick the fence sections to that. If the wire is thin enough it should be hidden behind the fence uprights or, at least, that is the plan! I will let you know how we get along next time.

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