Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Steady Progress

We continued to make good and steady progress around the supermarket and petrol station area this weekend although, alas, not enough to allow filming of the sequence that I want to capture at this location. As I am away on holiday next week this will not now be done for a couple of weeks.
Anyway, that aside, this part of the layout is starting to look quite effective now that we have erected the Hornby walling to the front and sides of the supermarket and petrol station. We have also put wooden fencing along the back although, you may recall, the original idea was that this should be a security fence. However, this just did not look right to be honest so we went for wooden fencing instead. 
We might now put the security fence down nearer the track but need to see what it will look like first.
We also acquired, this week, two new Hornby shops for the town. These were: the Nearly New Shop and Holmes Cycles. I think that we now have enough shops to fill our town centre so, hopefully, we can progress this during the coming weeks.

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