Friday, July 9, 2010

Social Climbers

Another scene along the branch line to Saggy Bottom and I hope that you can just make out the two climbers in the photograph, slowly but surely picking their way up the rock face. 
Obviously they caught the early morning train in order to spend the day pursuing their favourite hobby and, judging by the blue backpack at the foot of the rocks, it might well be their intention to stay the night, camping out under the stars and the viaduct.
My nephew's girlfriend made these figures for the layout using a sharp knife, a dab or two of glue, some paint and a lot of patience. She and my nephew are both climbers themselves so who better to achieve the authenticity and accuracy required here? That plus a steady hand and a keen eye - two things which, at my age, I sadly seem to be lacking these days!


  1. Great little scene, love that rock face.

  2. Thanks AJ. Yes, we were pleased with the results here and, given my head for heights, rather them than me up there!