Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heading Into Town

Here is an update of the work carried out during the past week or two which, from the picture above, might not appear to be all that much but which is, in truth, quite a bit.
Firstly, I hope you can see the newly refurbished Petersfield Station, now covered in Metcalfe platform card and looking much better than the original Hornby platform sections. The feeling is that we will do the same now to Gunnmere - a much more daunting prospect given the length of the platforms.
Actually, looking ahead, there is going to be some major track relaying work carried out through Gunnmere in the near future since I want to remove some runaround points that were put in when that station was a terminus. These points are no longer required and, worse, they necessitated a slight realignment of the track to prevent locos from hitting the platform edges when running around their trains. Not so much of a problem when the station was a terminus but annoyingly all too obvious now!
On the subject of track relaying, we have recently relaid the points at the far end of Platforms 2/3 at Petersfield (changing them from Hornby to Peco) and this is now in the process of being reballasted.
Meanwhile further scenery work has been carried out around the Brewery as well as the groundwork being laid prior to working on the supermarket / petrol station area this coming weekend. This will be the first phase of landscaping the town itself and should prove interesting work!
So, hopefully, my next update should show a big difference in this part of the layout.

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