Monday, July 12, 2010

Down On The Farm

I think it is high time for closer look at another hidden corner of the layout and, this time, we will pay a visit to Dairy House Farm. 
Actually, the farmhouse is not particularly hidden sitting, as it does, beside the branch line from Gunnmere to Lake End. As such it occupies a fairly prominent position, high up in the North East corner of the layout.
Being a dairy farm it has its own siding where milk tankers and cattle wagons can be delivered. This gives us yet another destination to which we can send our trains and it also means that the branch line gets to see a variety of locomotives and rolling stock trundling up and down.
In the photograph, the farmer can just be seen, behind the greenhouse, digging in his vegetable garden while his wife cleans the windows and her mother sweeps the doorstep. One of their sheep dogs is running in the garden while lots of chickens search for food near the Land Rover. 
Hmm, I wonder how many of those hens get run over by passing trains?


  1. Loving the dairy house and those clouds!

  2. Thanks AJ, I feel as if I could almost live there myself!