Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brewing Nicely

I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the current state of the brewery and, although it is not yet finished, it is coming along quite nicely. We still have to add more detail to the grounds and we also want to install some lighting in the near future but we are very pleased with its progress so far.
This is, as many of you probably know, Bachmann's Oakhill Brewery and the buildings are all based on an actual brewery in Somerset. It was just what we wanted for the layout, providing our town with a great feature to which we could also run a short siding that would provide us with yet another location to send trains.
The warehouse building (in the foreground) has a loading bay which can be road or rail served and, naturally enough, ours is the latter. However, there is room for only one wagon on the platform that is supplied so we are in the process of extending this to accommodate two wagons, as seen here. These wagons will usually arrive at Petersfield behind a longer goods train and then be shunted into the brewery by our recently acquired Hornby Class 08.


  1. Now I have to ask this because you haven't said - what sort of beer does it produce?

  2. Well, forgive the terrible pun Micky, but it just has to be Rail Ale.

    Yeah, sorry, that is bad!