Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tunnel Vision

After spending the best part of a couple of days working on the layout last weekend we have made quite a bit of progress with both the Fuel Terminal and the approach to Sueston.
We decided to work on this part of the layout, before returning to the town area, since we were getting rather fed up of seeing nothing but bare wood and baseboard in this particular corner. It is certainly true that is has been neglected for some time now while we concentrated on making a start on the town.
So, this weekend, we treated the base of the Fuel Terminal with some scatter material and then painted it to give it a concrete look and then we started to erect Bachmann security fencing alongside the railway - before we ran out of fence panels that is! More are on order and these should arrive this week.
You will note that we have also covered the sides of the road bridge across the railway with Metcalfe Stone card and started work on the tunnel through which plunges the branch line to Saggy Bottom Halt. 
Hopefully this coming weekend should see a road laid on the bridge and tunnel and, maybe, the side of the tunnel made to look more like the rock face seen at the rear of the layout rather than the flat wooden side we have here at the moment.
The tunnel on the back wall was going to be over a disused railway but this became a road leading into the Fuel Terminal.  We felt that we had to do this since there was no other obvious way for a road access into the terminal and, besides, our layout is set in an age when people realized the value of the railway. So, for sure, there would never be any closures, would there?


  1. It looks like you're managing to create different little scenes here - if that's so then I'm sure your layout will look all the better for it!

  2. Hi Micky, thank you for your comment and, yes, we definitely wanted to create various locations on the layout. This will provide it with a lot of interest as well as give us a variety of destinations to where we can send our trains. As a result it should make it much more enjoyable to operate.