Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now We're Smokin'

I thought I would post a picture of the town area today or, at least, that part of the town which we have more or less finished, so that you can see how it is looking at the moment.
I suppose there is still around a third of it to be completed and this will be tackled once we have finished the area between the Fuel Terminal and Sueston.
We are very pleased with how this is looking, although there is still all the detailing to be added - such as people, cars etc. There is also the thought that lighting will be added at some stage and this remains a distinct possibility.
Well, judging by the smoke emanating from the Gunness Brewery chimney, it would appear that brewing has commenced. This 'smoke' is actually a length of fuse wire supporting a teased out wad of cotton wool and it looks quite effective. This was our first attempt and I am sure we can get it looking even more realistic given a bit more time.
One tricky job that we still have to tackle is that of road markings. So, if anyone out there knows of an effective and easy way of doing this so that, when they are done, they have at least a semblance of the real thing, it would be very much appreciated. 


  1. Road markings? (ha ha!) No, haven't tried such a thing!

    Mind you - Pete produced something half like tiny writing on some gradient posts and a proper word on some 'WHISTLE' boards for that crossing between the railway cottages and the shed and those were done with a fine nib and some black ink.

    You'd need white ink, of course and it wouldn't be so bad because SLOW and the like tend to be quite big, but with a tiny bit of a ruler that should give you 'stop' lines and middle of the road lines fairly well. These things are always narrower than we think!

  2. Sticky white paper labels from an office supplies shop like Staples cut to size. But what about cats eyes glistening in the dark? can't have one without the other.

  3. Thank you both for your help and advice and we will try all of your suggestions and see which works best for us and our limited skills!

    Cats eyes!?!? OMG - we hadn't thought of those, thanks David but you are right of course!!! Has anyone else done them I wonder? Hmm, this could be a first.

  4. Cats' eyes?

    You need a light source to reflect off them - so working street lights.

    I guess you could try something like the bright silver foil off an Easter Egg or something similar. Tinfoil? Just a tiny, tiny bit, screwed up and angled to reflect the light?

    No idea really - just tossing out some ideas. Good luck!

  5. Yes, as you say Micky, for cat's eyes to be effective, they have to reflect the light and, clearly, none of our cars have headlights. So, street lights it will have to be and we do certainly intend to have some.

    Thanks for the ideas, all are most welcome!