Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reserve Power

Introducing another recent addition to our locomotive fleet in the shape of Bachmann's Class 42 Warship diesel hydraulic, Nº D812 "Royal Naval Reserve".
Now I realize that, once again, this particular loco, together with all the other members of the various diesel hydraulic classes, was unlikely ever to be seen working trains between London and the North West. They were, after all, firmly rooted to the lines of the former Western Region. However, as with the Class 33, I have lots of happy recollections of hydraulic haulage, especially behind the Class 52 Westerns, so I really would like to see (and hear) one or two hydraulics running on our layout as well.
Besides which, since we have based our layout in the heyday of BR blue livery, during which period there were many and varied first generation diesel locos to be seen on our railways, I feel it is wholly possible that the odd diesel hydraulic might well find themselves straying onto foreign tracks.
However, we will have 812 heavily weathered in due course in order to, at least, depict her as eking out the last of her days before final withdrawal.
As with the majority of our locos, she is fitted with a Howes decoder and she does produce a very realistic and powerful sound.
Ah yes, hydraulic heaven indeed!

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