Friday, November 26, 2010

Coal Essence

One of our Class 50s: 50007 'Sir Edward Elgar', is seen emerging from the short tunnel beside the small Coal Depot. This area is now practically complete, as the presence of human activity would indicate.
As I mentioned in an earlier posting, this depot exists almost solely in order to justify the addition of the Operating Tipper and Conveyor Belt to the layout but it has all come together quite nicely and has resulted in an interesting and busy feature in this corner of the layout, as well as providing us with yet another location to send and shunt trains. 
Our Class 17 will be based here since the scenario is that, as with the prototype locomotive, this particular Clayton passed into private ownership after being withdrawn by BR.
It will, therefore, be put to good work here shunting coal trucks and, also, running them up and down the Tipper spur. 
Actually this loco has just returned from Mikron Models where it has been weathered with a suitable layer of coal dust and, I must say, she does look rather superb now. 
Whilst we were at it we also had our Class 45 (45053) weathered as well and so I will probably feature these two locos in postings next week.


  1. Well done, yes! That's looking the part isn't it? A deal more industrial than our own 'domestic' coal yard - latest pics are here:

    I particularly like the way it's suitably filthy!

    Can't wait to see the dirtied-up locos you've lined to play there!

  2. Thanks for the comment Mickey and I have looked at your coal yard and I like it, especially the loading bay or platform or whatever.

    Plus you have lights which is something we really must get around to doing.