Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fuel's Paradise

Last week saw us begin work on the Fuel Unloading Terminal, which is situated in the south west corner of the layout - on the approach to Sueston Station. It will be somewhat hidden by bridges and embankments but will provide us with yet another interesting destination to which we can send our trains - in this instance oil tankers of course.
Using a mixture of thick grey card and cork tiles, covered in Metcalfe Tarmac, we have embedded the track in a similar fashion to the Brewery siding and this "tarmac' may then be given a coating of scatter to make it look a little less smooth.
The wall surrounding the terminal is Metcalfe Stone Walling, as used elsewhere on some of our our bridges, and it has enclosed this area quite nicely.
We plan to continue working on this location at the weekend so, hopefully, this will soon be another part of the layout that is complete.


  1. 'Tarmac' oh gosh yes! I've had some fun with 'tarmac'. I started with our branch line station where I covered the platform in black tarmac.

    WRONG! I then had to spend ages lightening it and put imperfections in!

    Then I got some 'grey tarmac' which looked great on the through station platform (just as well - about four times the area!). Then I did the road outside and used grey again - when I should have used black! So I had to much that up as well!

    Good luck with yours - at least you're all set to 'muck it up' a bit!

  2. Hi Micky, thanks for that and, yes, you have to be careful where you use this tarmac. It definitely needs to be treated or 'mucked up' otherwise it just does not look realistic.

    As you yourself discovered, it is not particularly good for making platforms. Whereas the Metcalfe Platform kit is, actually, quite good even though I was somewhat skeptical to begin with.

  3. Oh, and I've just seen your new video with the Warship (wow! - for a diesel, I mean!) and the 08.

    I have sound chips from Olivia Trains in my all steam locos but I've heard some of their diesel chips and some are excellent. It might be worth looking at them (to upgrade Hornby?)

    Xellent video btw!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments wrt the video and, yes, I like the Warship too and think that Howes have captured the sound very well.

    We have Olivia's sounds in a couple of our locos, namely the Class 17 and Class 53 but tend to prefer Howes for most of the others. However, the Olivia's Class 37 is very good from what I have heard.

    We do have one steam loco with sound (a BR Standard Class 5) and I must get around to uploading a video of her in the near future.